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We are a dedicated provider of the precision manufacturing services that make for high quality products. A Mishawaka, IN based customer challenged us with the engineering and production of a structural steel lifting and tilting piece of equipment designed for use in a wide selection of applications. This piece of equipment needed to be produced in differing sizes to specific tolerances.

This piece of equipment was used to reduce the back injuries caused by repetitively bending into a container to retrieve parts for secondary operations. Our fabrication team worked with structural plate, tube, and sheet in addition to diamond plate as construction materials.

We added in a hydraulic drive and electrical controls to provide simple use of the lift. In order to achieve exceptional tolerances of ±0.002,” our selected manufacturing procedures focused on high accuracy methods: high definition plasma cutter, break press, welding, drilling, and sawing.

The overall part dimensions ranged from 36” x 42” x 50” to 48” x 43” x 58.” Mill finishing, dimensional testing and a visual inspection concluded the production. This resulted in the development of the ‘LiftTilt’ product line.

The customer’s small volume order was completed and delivered in a speedy six weeks. Experience, skill, and cutting-edge equipment come together to make a high quality manufacturing solution.

Our precision metal stamping positions itself as a flexible production partner capable of engineering and fabricating many different products to high standards. Contact us today to learn more about our value-added services.

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Fabrication of a Ergonomic Structural Steel Lifting and Tilting Piece of Equipment Project Highlights

Product Description

This product is an Ergonomic parts, bins and totes positioner for secondary operations.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Plasma Cutting
Break Press Forming
Spray multi-color acrylic top coats

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Break Press
High Definition Plasma Cutter

Overall Part Dimensions

From 36” x 42” x 50” to 48” x 43” x 58”

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Structural Plate
Structural Tube
Structural Sheet
Diamond Plate
Hydraulics and Electrical Controls

Material Finish

Mill Finish

In process testing/inspection performed

Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection

Industry for Use




Delivery/Turnaround Time

6 weeks

Delivery Location

FOB: Mishawaka, IN

Standards Met

Customer Specification

Product Name